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What Is A Risk Assessment All About?

Put simply, a risk assessment is a careful examination of the hazards you may encounter and an assessment of whether they pose a risk to anyone and of the steps that need to be taken to avoid those hazards.

HSE definitions of `hazard' and `risk' help us understand what is involved:

  • hazard means anything that has the potential to cause harm
  • risk is the likelihood, great or small, that someone will be harmed by the hazard.

How Do I Complete A Risk Assessment For My School Trip?

Firstly, you need to contact your LEA, as each LEA operates in a slightly different way, albeit to the same ends. Some have online systems that you can access and work through, others do not. For many visits the Hazards and Risks are the same and for these generally a “ Generic “ assessment will be available e.g. most museums have the same Hazards ( not all ).

Although we can assist with Risk Assessments, it is important to remember that only you will know your students and that does play a huge part in the process.

Many LEAs also recognise the importance of travelling with a Specialist Tour Operator with a Safety Management System already established and externally audited. Members of the School Travel Forum (STF) are required to have their safety procedures audited annually. Rondo Travel has been a member of the STF since its inception in 2002 and also has the LOtC Badge, ABTA and ATOL certification.

If you are new to risk assessments we strongly advise you to follow this link to the STF website and click on the teachers toolkit guidance section. Here you will find an excellent document entitled “Demystifying Risk Assessment“ as well as other useful documents.

Risk Assessments need not be daunting and are generally the product of common sense.

24 Hour On Call Support

At Rondo Travel we offer 24 hour on call support. For almost all of the tours this means that the person that dealt with you and your tour will be the on call person. This ensures that the person you speak to knows and understands your tour and you do not have to start explaining who you are.

The Directors are all available to the on call person as back up – and Rondo Travel has a full plan in place should assistance be needed.

Group Leaders Tour Pack

Every group leader will receive a tour pack prior to departure. This pack will not only contain copies of previously agreed arrangements with vouchers, but will also include helpful hints on general travel issues and an emergency procedures document.