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Safety Information

Rondo Travel has an annually agreed and signed Policy Statement.

“Rondo Travel is committed to the maintenance of high levels of safety at all time for clients and all members of staff wherever they are. The policy will promote and sustain the good health of all concerned.”

Safety is our primary focus from the very first discussion of the tour, to the safe return of all of our customers. It is an integral part of the whole planning process.

Rondo Travel is a founder member of the School Travel Forum (STF), which is a group of leading school tour operators who promote good practice and safety in school travel. Members of the STF have to adhere to a strict code of practice, which not only includes having a rigorous Safety Management System in place but also being externally audited yearly by independent H&S experts, currently Argent H&S.

Membership of the School Travel Forum ensures compliance with the following:-

Checks on Accommodation

All accommodation used by Rondo Travel Ltd complies with local legislation with respect to fire and general safety, whether booked directly or through one of our overseas agents.

As a company we are then obliged to issue and complete (assess/audit), prior to use, a Standard Audit document which is a non-visit audit for any accommodation whose planned usage is less than 5 times in a year.

Where usage is planned to be more than 5 times a year a Supplementary Audit is required to be completed and assessed every 3 years. This is an audit requiring a visit by a qualified auditor.

Rondo Travel goes well above the requirements by personally visiting and completing a Supplementary Audit for currently 95% of the accommodations we use, regardless of how many times the property is to be used. WHY - because we feel it is not just important to assess a property for safety, but to experience it and familiarise ourselves with the surrounding area.

Transport Checks

Coach Travel

Coach travel within the UK is well regulated and checks are carried out by the Department of Transport. Companies are only allowed to operate if they hold the relevant Operator’s licence. They are required to keep accurate maintenance records along with drivers’ hours records.

Rondo Travel uses only reputable companies with a proven track record and most coach travel is handled by one company, so we are able to know the drivers as well. A physical audit of this company is completed every 3 years where records are checked by a trained auditor but regular visits are still taken to discuss requirements and quality control. At Rondo Travel our qualified coach auditor holds both a UK and European CPC qualification to operate coaches so he knows his onions!

If an ad hoc company is required then a standard coach audit is completed to ensure compliance.

Where overseas coach companies are used, whether booked by Rondo Travel or one of our agents, they must conform to all national and international standards.

Ferries and Tunnel

All ferries and Eurotunnel comply with national requirements and each year are requested to send a copy of their latest Risk Assessment. Rondo Travel meets at least once yearly with representatives of each company.

Travel by Air

All travel by air is regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Rondo Travel Ltd is registered for flight packages under ATOL 10199.

You will receive some additional information from us on safety whilst travelling, along with your travel documents.